I Survived a Dangerous Fall


The roof of my home was leaking in a couple of spots, so I got some items from the hardware store and tried to do the repairs on my own. My friends kept telling me that I should probably hire someone else to do it because I would probably injure myself and need a Cary chiropractor, but I didn’t listen. I felt that I could do it all without any problems. I climbed up on the roof and started putting some shingles on and took one wrong step. I lost my footing and slid off the roof. I didn’t immediately hit the ground, as I grabbed onto the gutters. The gutters weren’t enough to support my weight, and they fell down, along with me.

I didn’t have far to fall, but I still fell from high enough to injure myself. My head was ringing and my nose was a little bloody, but none of my limbs were broken. My back was in a lot of pain, and I was just able to inch myself inside and call for help. An ambulance came to my home and took me to the emergency room at the closest hospital. I was examined, scolded by the doctors, and treated and sent home. I was told that I would have to go to a chiropractor for a follow up in a week.

My friends couldn’t wait to tell me how right they were about the roof. I guess they’ve never heard of not kicking a person while they are down. Thinking back on the whole event, I was one of the luckiest people on the planet for not dying from that fall. If I hadn’t caught the gutter, the fall would have been more intense, and I might have landed on my head and broken my neck to the point where I would have been paralyzed, or worse.